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北京赛车开奖结果历史:China Southern Fund Approved Strategic Placing Public Fund

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内容摘要: Recently, with the landing of the industrial Internet carrier Foxconn IPO, the word "strategic allotment" has once again become a...

Recently, with the landing of the industrial Internet carrier Foxconn IPO, the word "strategic allotment" has once again become a hot term in the financial circles. It is reported that the three-year closed operation strategic allocation of the flexible configuration of the hybrid securities investment fund (LOF) is officially approved today, or will be raised soon. This is the first time China has approved the participation of "strategic allocation" investment in the fund, is a major innovation in the public fund industry, and also marks the fund company increasingly focused on long-term investment, value investment, mature investment philosophy.

"Strategic Placing" is an abbreviation for "Targeted Placement to Strategic Investors." This approach captures the right to subscribe for new shares at the expense of locking in shares and wins investment opportunities that most other investors do not have. According to the Securities Regulatory Commission’s latest revised "Measures for the Administration of Securities Issuance, Underwriting and Management", if the number of initial public offerings is more than 400 million shares, it is possible to assign shares to strategic investors, and it is stipulated that strategic investors will not participate in offline inquiry, and It should be promised that the holding period of the shares for this placement will not be less than 12 months.

Strategic placements often ensure that participating institutional investors receive a stable share of the placement and give priority to quality assets. The objects of strategic placement are mainly those with high qualifications and long-term strategic cooperation. They are often state-owned enterprises with relatively large funds, 7-89456_14_65473_9 institutions, and state-level investment funds. Insiders pointed out that the introduction of strategic allotment has many aspects. The first is to allow more people to enjoy the dividends of high-quality, scarce resources for innovative companies. Second, it is more conducive to the stability of the secondary market after the company's listing in the future and protects the interests of small and medium-sized investors.

Southern Fund Deputy General Manager and Chief Investment Officer (Equity) Shi Bo said that to be a strategic investor is equivalent to a cornerstone investment, the fund company can rely on its comprehensive investment research system to pass the IPO company fundamentals, profit model, Analysis of the development prospects, strategic investment in enterprises with value-creating capabilities and development potential, to obtain long-term benefits. The South China Strategic Placing Fund can be said to be a representative product of inclusive finance, and public fund participation in "strategic allotment" investment will open up a new and convenient channel for ordinary investors to participate in strategic allotment. Gathering sand into towers and building a base, through the strategic allocation of the South Fund, ordinary investors will become a part of strategic investors!





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